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Roof Lanterns Basingstoke

Rooflights can fill a room with natural light, instantly making your home feel more spacious and airy.

Let more daylight into a room

The most attractive houses are those that let in plenty of natural light, giving that feeling of extra space and wellbeing. Sunlight boosts your mood and makes you feel happier and more energetic.

If you have a dark room, it can feel oppressive, even with electric lighting. The whole atmosphere is changed with a rooflight. Designed with minimal framework, you gain a stylish feature with a practical purpose.

You’ll also save a significant amount on energy bills as you won’t need to turn the lights on as much. As well as cutting down on the use of electricity, the glazing in our rooflights provides optimum heat insulation, so you cut down on fuel bills in winter.

The glazing is also soundproofed, so you cut out external noise.

Designed for any room in the house

A rooflight can be used in any type of home refurbishment, extension, or new-build project. A flat rooflight is unobtrusive and often not noticeable from ground level outside.

Most rooflights sit flush with the roof and add a linear, sleek feature to a room design. They’re an ideal solution for dull or dark rooms and can be fitted in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and loft spaces.

You can have multiple flat rooflights in larger rooms to give a wide-open feel or a single rooflight in a smaller room to give it an expansive feel. Essentially, rooflights bring the outdoors into your home and allow you to enjoy daylight for longer.

Increase ventilation for fresher air

Another way that rooflights improve your wellbeing is the impact they have on air circulation. They’re a flexible way of ventilating your home, you have complete control over how much air you let in.

An electric rooflight can be adjusted at the touch of a button so you can decide how far to open it – depending on how much fresh air you want to circulate through your house.

As warm air rises, a rooflight lets you eliminate too much heat, or get rid of stale cooking smells and smoky air. This additional ventilation prevents condensation from forming, which in turn stops the spread of damp and mould growth.

Keep cool in summer and warm in winter

In the hot summer months, rooflights will keep your house cool as air is allowed to circulate, and you can let hot air escape. You also gain the maximum amount of daylight for a longer duration.

In winter, low-emissivity glass offers a high level of thermal protection. Thanks to its high levels of insulation, heat isn’t lost. As a result, you cut your energy usage.

You can also opt for different types of glazing, such as glass that can reduce the glare from direct sunlight. This is an advantage in loft extensions that are being used as office space.

Bring more light into your home with rooflights

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